coronaproof remote team game?

Neverrest offers 3 coronaproof remote team games,

so that you can experience something together again as a group in a safe and relaxed way!

osc online social chaos Neverrest teambuilding experience outing engels 300 85
Serious challenging
Reallife acts
coronaproof remote team game
the game citygame Neverrest teambuilding experience outing engels 300 85
coronaproof remote team game
social chaos Neverrest teambuilding experience outing engels 300 85
coronaproof remote team game

WHY a coronaproof remote team game of NEVERREST?


Since 2000, 3 event managers Target market corporate & governmental


Profound surprise, tension and paranoia


An event according to your wishes, from accessible fun to very intensive team training, but always very personal.







coronaproof remote team game Online: O.S.C.

A social adventure together against each other


Under pressure from ex-gamers who wanted to do something unique again after experiencing The Game … we launched Social Chaos in 2013. An investigation into the h @ cker. And soon we went from Lutjebroek to Schagen and from Burgers Zoo to the flagship SS Rotterdam (Social Chaos can be played at almost every location!). But … what do you do if there are also branches abroad that would like to play along with the head office? And even requests from New York: “Can we play that here too?”

Then you go ONLINE! You play O.S.C with your company, together and everywhere. Behind your laptop at home, from your armchair or behind your desk in the office. Not just together as a team! Challenging, fun, exciting & connecting! An Online Escape Room.

coronaproof remote team game in The City

The Mother of all City games:



The Game is the Mother of all city games! Since 2000, this original team building concept has provided the right mix of ambitious challenge, surprise and (healthy) paranoia. Go for an urban adventure with guaranteed “Solid Paranoia” that happens to you… #constrained #lightly #maarnietmasy! #adventure This is an original outing CORONA PROOF and at 1.5 meters possible that can be used very well in all provinces and large cities. An impressive, fantastic and extensive “treasure hunt” through a city center, an experience in which reality and fiction intertwine.

Our corona proof adjustments at The GAME:
very small teams (3 to 4 persons)
sanitizer, gloves and mouthmask available
very suitable end locations (spacious, well ventilated) (we give suggestions, locations can be freely selected)
utensils disinfected every event
outdoor activity

Coronaproof Teambuilder Everywhere!

Can you prevent The H@Ck?:



Social Chaos is all about surprise, a pinch of paranoia and a maximum brain-level experience. It is an exciting research adventure in which the story surrounding the hacker is reconstructed by the participants. Everyone is forced to work together in a playful way. And most importantly, anyone can participate in this event! Even if participants do not understand Social Media, smartphones or tablets. This game shows the playfulness of Social Media and takes place indoors with some small trips outside. It is the department outing that everyone will remember for a long time!

Our corona proof adjustments at SOCIAL CHAOS:
very small teams (3 to 4 persons)
sanitizer, gloves and mouthmask available
very suitable locations (spacious, well ventilated) (we give suggestions, locations can be freely selected)
utensils disinfected every event
combi indoor & outdoor

What do others say about us? #reviews:

ABN AMRO | OSC | 9 october 2020 | 32 persons
Full in action in a relaxed way. Enough time to socialize at the coffee machine within your small team afterwards, before the final presentation starts. Very natural moment. The final presentation is a smooth hilarious feedback with anecdotes, what happened during the acts, but also within the teams. A beautiful memorable afternoon!
abn amro online teambuilding business outing team business event 68 68 Neverrest teambuilding experience osc
Government | OSC | 15 october 2020 | 41 persons
You really have something really nice in this time when organizations are afraid that their staff will lose their connection with the organization (or company) due to all the work from home. Really a topper! We had been looking for an “online” event for some time. but didn't want a quiz or anything. Intensive interaction, roll up your sleeves & laugh. And that was it.
ministerie online coronaproof event outing companyt NEVERREST teambuilding experience osc social chaos 68 68
Arteria Consulting | Social Chaos te Amersfoort | 1 november 2019 | 47 persons
Getting to know each other is always extremely important and exciting in an acquisition or merger process. What are your new colleagues for types, what are the interfaces between the two merging groups, how is the other baked and what happens if you suddenly have to be forced to work together. To get answers to these questions in no time, we recommend everyone: play Social Chaos! The game has all the ingredients for a fun, exciting and very entertaining afternoon. Colleagues you think you know well start to distrust, new colleagues you don't know suddenly become your partner and confidant and your social and puzzle skills are put to the test (but if you read quietly, everyone can do this!). Sometimes you have to cross mental hurdles to solve the puzzle, but the pressure to succeed (and preferably also to win) with your team pushes unexpected boundaries. In short, a really great game!
arteria consulting business company event coronaproof neverrest teambuilding experience 55
Brink Management / Advies | The Game Maastricht | 22 juni 2019 | 124 personen


In the big city
locations as desired


or all day!

Number of people?

5 to 500 persons

Every day?

7 days a week


Gaby Palland

Event manager

Dick van den Broek

Event manager

Stefan Vogel

Event manager

And of course the rest of the NEVERREST TEAM!

They remain anonymous…

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