1Persoons | 20 pers | The Game | 12 dec 2003 | Bedrijfsuitje Den Haag

The Game is a great outing! It is surprising, exciting and different from usual. I organized this outing for a group of Akzo Nobel IT people, to conclude a successful project.

The Game is a game in which you have to perform all kinds of assignments in the center of a city (in this case a company outing The Hague) using a GPS, mobile phone with WAP, a compass, tape measure and a Gameboy (for extra points).

The outcome of one assignment leads to the next assignment. An incorrect answer therefore also leads to a fake assignment …

The assignments are tough in level, but can be done if you pay close attention and are accurate. The groups became more and more fanatic, and nothing else was discussed during the dinner afterwards. Everyone is still enthusiastic the days after!

Company outing The Hague

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