AX´s Office | 60 pers | The Game geweldig bedrijfsuitje Den Bosch

I came into contact with the Neverrest organization through a customer. After hearing the whole story, I started surfing the Internet. I found more information through company outing. And the same day I requested information from Neverrest. At first it seemed a long way off, when we decided in October to organize our outing through Neverrest. But after receiving the script with all the preparations that had to be made for the final that, those three months were not that long anymore. Create a face book, receive all the name and address details of all participants and all this under the guise of a joke and a made-up event for 2007. Nobody knew why this was all, and that made it even more fun for me. Everyone was very curious and we only announced the location four days before the outing. Then Neverrest also started stalking by means of all kinds of means of communication. Everyone went crazy, rumors spread and everyone was suspicious by then. And I just laugh and of course participate. Now and then some extra tips and directions in the wrong direction and on to the day. The company outing itself was really a success for everyone. From walking to the location, to having a drink in the cafe “Rooms” in den Bosch, everyone was remembered as one great success. Everyone along the way was suspicious. Even though you knew that certain people belonged, it was a shock when they suddenly came very close. Following through the city, via film, photos and all kinds of SMS and e-mail contact was really a special experience. Especially when you see a group dancing around a pole, another group bowing to shoppers and also very cool when you are approached, while you really do not think you know them. But he does know you, you are going to get very strange ideas, take that from me. When the day is over and you are sent back to the end location with “GAME OVER” and the movie of the day is being played, you will see that you were not on your guard all day for nothing! Neverrest, thank you for this great company outing. Hopefully many companies will follow their gut. And they leave that to you for a day. Bet they will write a review on this page soon …….. You´re friendly people!

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