Best Western | 15 pers | Social Chaos | 20 dec 2012 | teamuitje te Amersfoort

Oh… how curious my colleagues were about what we were going to do on 12/20/2012 during our annual team outing. After many unexpected attempts to guess it and my response to it really didn’t work out, they gave up. When it turned out what we were going to do and once the game started, everyone dived into it meters deep. How fanatic we were! Afterwards, everyone agreed: “This was the best, coolest, coolest and coolest team outing ever!” The game is very well put together and the guidance is great and sometimes desperately needed! 😉 The moment you think you are there and that you know it, there will be a next step and then you will be put on the wrong track again. It remained exciting until the last moment and everyone went to great lengths to solve the mystery. Thank you Neverrest for an unforgettable and great company outing!

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