BurgerVanLeeuwen | 18 pers | The Game te Brussel | 18 nov 2005

For those looking for a dynamic and surprising company outing, this is definitely recommended !!

A very contemporary ‘tracking event’ with the latest modern technical ‘gadgets’ such as a GPS system, mobile phone, mini computer, voice recorder, etc. A week before the event, all participants are already busy with all kinds of mysterious mail, emails, faxes and text messages. can lead to hilarious situations. On the day itself, you will be surprised at the agreed meeting point by a remote-controlled racing car containing a number of envelopes with the team layout and a ticket with the code of a station locker (For us this was Brussels central station). Arriving at the locker, it immediately becomes clear that everyone is being closely monitored. Evidence: a number of photos that were taken shortly before at the agreed meeting place. So everyone is acutely overcome by a sense of paranoia. This keeps the tension going.

In the locker you will find a suitcase with all kinds of modern technical ‘aids’ and then ‘the game’ can begin. For those for whom modern technology is slightly above their hat, don’t panic! You can reach the Neverrest Experience crew via mobile phone for any support. So also an educational day! Furthermore, during the event you will also be entertained by a number of ‘acts’ from people who, for example, follow you or who are emphatically present somewhere. After a while you do get a bit suspicious of passers-by.
At the end of the day you will be surprised with a video that was made of all participants during the event and you will also find out which people were all involved in ‘the game’. For those who organize a company outing, it is always exciting whether an event appeals to them and it is quite difficult to please everyone. But with us it was very clear that everyone had a lot of fun. There were many enthusiastic responses!

So again on behalf of all employees of BurgerVanLeeuwen Garantiemakelaars, dear Neverrest Experience Team, thank you very much for a fantastic successful day !!

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