Deloitte Sittard bedrijfsuitje | 60 pers | The Game teamuitstapje Keulen | 28 okt 2006

It was great to see and hear how colleagues fell into the first “game promotions” of this company outing (including the text messages and emails about the birthday committee). Since no one from the organization has shown his or her face, the necessary colleagues were looking around to see who might be part of it. The assignments were great fun and the text messages received in the meantime were great. You know all the time that you are being watched during this company outing. The final result was less for me, but 4 points away from the first place …. I have not heard a negative reaction from anyone. All in all a successful team outing!

Review of The GAME: Company outing Team building Team outing Department outing Group activity Team event Collaboration

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