E-mergo | SOCIAL CHAOS | 41 personen | zaterdag 16 december 2017 | bedrijfsuitje Rotterdam

After previously playing The Game, it now became Social Chaos. Social Chaos is original, funny, spicy, challenging, exciting and also doable for people who have no experience with social media. It is a game in which you are challenged and you really have to work together to find a solution. It is super well put together. In short; just do it.
Neverrest is an enthusiastic and pleasant organization to work with. Nothing is too much or too crazy and they think along great with you. The employees are all real actors and never fall out of their role. Pffff…. it does get you a little paranoia. But in a fun way. We have already experienced many events, but Neverrest really stands out miles above. Very professional, everything is right down to the smallest details.
We want an event with Neverrest every year. Unfortunately we have to wait because they only have The Game and Social Chaos so far, but we can’t wait. Neverrest, please, come with a new teambuilding / company outing!

E-mergo, Delft, December 2017
Teambuilding Rotterdam Company outing Rotterdam

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