FUGRO | SOCIAL CHAOS | 55 personen | 1 oktober 2016 | Teambuilding Scheveningen

A social media outing with software engineers. Because we had already done The Game once, we were very curious about Neverrest’s new game: Social Chaos.
The colleagues did not know what was going to happen upon arrival, the receipt with hidden information raised some eyebrows. What was expected of them?
After the team division it went quickly. In no time, a number of colleagues were busy answering the questions and we saw some running out to look for a new lead.
It was a beautiful day and the teams were enthusiastic. Some tried to hack things, but everything was put together very well and that was bad luck for our colleagues.
Again Neverrest has put together a really nice game here. Social Chaos is highly recommended and everyone had a great time. The team really does their best to give everyone a nice day.
We are curious what will come after The Game and Social Chaos. We are sure of the party! Original Team Building

Last but not least: A thumbs up for the speech after the activity. We laughed terribly at the anecdotes of Neverrest employees about some of their colleagues. A great end to the event.

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