Greenvalley | SOCIAL CHAOS | 43 personen | donderdag 5 oktober 2017 | Teambuilding Scheveningen

What a very exciting and good game!

We tried as best we could to keep the Scheveningen company outing a secret, but with IT staff it was already sorted out after the first text message from one of the characters! ­čśŐ But of course no one knew what else was intended …
The mysterious films in the beginning ensured that everyone was immediately on edge and could hardly wait to carry out the assignments. Great to think up how you are going to tell something in exchange for information and to have strange conversations with the actors.
During the game there was a lot of laughter and it soon became clear that colleagues were suddenly very fanatical and inventive to get information, but that was nothing compared to seeing the secretly recorded film afterwards and hearing the anecdotes of the actors. Hilarious Stories!
Our specific wishes were not difficult and it was a staff outing Scheveningen that will be talked about for a long time! It was successful and recommended to everyone! Teambuilding Scheveningen!

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