ISD Kop van Noord-Holland | 64 pers | Social Chaos te Schagen | 10 okt 2013 | Teambuilding Noord-Holland

“On a late summer day with some rain and sunshine, we did Social Chaos as a company outing. An outing that appealed to us because of the fun way of helping our employees overcome the threshold to new ways of working and communicating. Have we succeeded? A tour of the church showed that everyone was intensively involved in discovering social media, apps and i-pad, and that they really did it together, didn’t notice them themselves… Everyone was completely absorbed in the assignment, which is not surprising. The set-up, the instruments, the actors, everything was really well organized! reactions from our employees: ‘I ran like hell, but oh how nice it was’ ‘Everyone was super fanatic; the coffee was getting cold’ ‘The best outing ever’

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