UP Learning | 53 pers. | The Game | 13 juni 2014 | Personeelsuitje Utrecht

We look back with our company on a very successful staff outing that was organized by the Neverrest club. They have worked 100% to make The Game an unforgettable experience for us.

From the first moment they have managed to cause paranoia, team spirit, confusion and fun. The teams were saddled with a suitcase containing all kinds of attributes and were sent to carry out a variety of assignments. From deciphering Morse codes to shaking hands on half the terrace, it could all be part of the game … And all of that was observed and recorded, which made the denouement and hilarious presentation at the end of the day all the more amusing.

Neverrest is a professional event organization that is able to make a corporate event a dynamic whole, we had a lot of fun with all colleagues!


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