MalensteinAir | 15 pers | The Game | 9 jun 2013 | Bedrijfsuitje te Haarlem

“After everyone in the office had been stalked for a week with strange text messages, faxes and keys sent by post, the time had finally come on June 9. Not knowing what was going to happen at all, everyone was a bit clumsy and nervous about it. looking around until a remote controlled car started circling around us …… .The Game in Haarlem had started.
On the roof 3 envelopes for 3 teams ……… ..a ticket for each team to get a suitcase from a safe at the CS… a suitcase with very surprising things…. Without going into details now, I can say that The Game is a very surprising game where you gradually become very paranoid… a very fun way. The way the organization has put the game together, lets you walk through half of Haarlem and you can eavesdrop on you at any time and then also send the most strange text messages can be called bizarrely creative to say the least … Do you really want something very different as a company outing or department outing, then my colleagues and I can wholeheartedly recommend The Game, it gives your perspective on your fellow man a completely different image and looking over your shoulder almost becomes second nature. Company outing Haarlem. Thank you very much for a great afternoon, an outing that will be talked about for a long time … especially after seeing the videos taken with the hidden cameras. It’s all in The Game.

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