Metro ICN | 70 pers | Social Chaos Teambuilding te Nijmegen | 11 mei 2012

After being introduced to The Game 4 years ago, it now became Social Chaos as a company outing.
And Chaos it was !! After watching the film, the groups were divided. After watching / hearing the first hint, a new division of the groups followed, which of course immediately caused strange looks!
When a new group division took place after the next hint, the Chaos was complete! Who belonged to what? And why has the 1 already had the same hint 3 times? And the other 3 different?
Once the final group divisions were completed, the game and the hunt began. Without telling too much about the content of this, I can say that we have searched hard for different suspicious types (sometimes we even approached the wrong people), all played by very good actors who never fell out of their roles! Slowly, more and more became clear and when we couldn’t figure it out for a while, Stefan and Gaby were immediately ready to make things a bit clearer. After playing for a few hours, the scoring followed and the day and some striking statements by participants were discussed which caused heavy laughter!
All in all, it was a very successful company outing, suitable for participants of all ages (also for less mobile people).
Thanks a lot again Neverrest !!

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