N.v. Nuon Warmte | 180 pers | The Game bedrijfsuitje grote groep Utrecht | 29 mei 2008

On Wednesday 28 May, Nuon Warmte employees played the company outing “The Game”. They have never played it before, but they have experienced the game as great. Paranoia, strange figures, vague messages, “chance encounters”, it’s all part of it. You don’t know what to expect, but you know what your goal is. As soon as possible to the final destination. The reactions ranged from “very cool” to “this is the best company outing ever”. The nice thing about this game is that it is accessible to everyone. Old or young the assignments do not matter. They are all different, think, act, polonaise , hints everything is in it. The organization of Neverrest is great. These people know what they are doing !!! The price / quality ratio is more than worth it. I would organize this outing again. Neverrest …. thanks !!! !

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