Paramedisch Instituut Rembrandt | The GAME | 20 personen | 15 oktober 2016 | Teamuitje Rotterdam

On 15 and 16 October we had our annual company outing with our physiotherapy practice, this time in Rotterdam.

We always have surprising and fun outings with the practice, so our expectations were high.

On Saturday afternoon, October 15, we started with Neverrest’s “The Game”.

Right through the center of Rotterdam all kinds of different assignments, always followed by text messages from you don’t know who….

In the meantime you can also see a lot of the city, the Markthallen, town hall, monuments, terraces, the Koopgoot.

If you sit on a terrace, and you want to pay, it turns out to be paid by someone we had not noticed, but he / she did notice us….

Nice assignments, lots of fun, the concept has been worked out very well in all areas.

Partly because of Neverrest it was a fantastic team outing again, we think it is all highly recommended !!

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