Proven Partners | Social Chaos Den Bosch | 10 personen | 19 april 2019

Our expectations were high, after all we had heard from others that ‘Social Chaos’ was highly recommended. Years ago we already played ‘the Game’; we couldn’t imagine that this game would be even more fun (or even fun). We played Social Chaos on a sun-drenched day in Den Bosch. From the first moment we were in the middle of it. The participants competed for who was allowed to go outside (because yes, the sun …), but everyone also forgot the time inside. One a blood fanatic, the other observing, a third who really focuses on the team feeling. Nice to see how all characters come up through an enlarged game. We look back on a fantastic team day full of dynamism, excitement and fun. What a top organization with top actors .. And those high expectations? They have been more than surpassed!

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