Radboud UMC | 80 personen | Social Chaos | 9 oktober 2014 | Personeelsuitje te Den Bosch

We had a super nice outing in Den Bosch. The employees talked for days about the fun, unexpected things that took place. Certainly suitable as an outing for a large group.

The game is very well put together and is very topical with all modern “social media”. It is highly recommended for anyone who does not like a calibrated day out. And a big advantage of this teambuilding: everyone can participate whether you have difficulty walking or an active person.

Neverrest thinks well about location and possibilities.

Thank you Neverrest on behalf of the RadboudUMC

Special event that is very well thought out and put together. The mysterious aspect in particular is dealt with well, which stimulates attention and curiosity. Team building and experience are extremely creative. I have received very positive reactions from the group

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