RTVNoord | 50 personen | Social Chaos | 6 september 2014 | Bedrijfsuitje te Groningen

The location is related to a GPS game that we want to organize. That should actually be in the city center. My surprise increased. The traditional staff outing idea of ​​space, sun, freedom, water, beach, forest and swaying reed got a dent.
It will be a lot of fun, I was assured. Well, if you want to work on the basis of trust and independence, then you have to.
And oh yes, we will play a game against each other in groups. A kind of treasure hunt. The game promotes group feeling and thinking. Using all conceivable forms of social media. You learn to use this in a playful manner. Indispensable for the future for our company.
A deep sigh. Away terraces, coffee with apple pie, cold beer and the necessary bitterballen.
So we just have to get started!
I couldn’t go back.
The day itself: the weather was beautiful in September. The terraces were packed. Some of us were inside all afternoon. Concentrated. The will to win. Enthusiastic by a great group of people from Neverrest, who guided us (strict but fair) all afternoon.
It was beautiful! Very nice. The most memorable outing “ever”.
And now hope that those social media will pay off …
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