Sanquin | The GAME | 75 personen | 13 oktober 2016 | Personeelsuitje Amsterdam

On Thursday, October 13, the time had come, with 75 colleagues of ICT from Sanquin Blood Supply The GAME played in the heart of Amsterdam! We had a great day, our goal was team building / staff outing and that goal has been fully achieved with The Game.
I can’t tell you anything about the content, it is and must remain mysterious for everyone who will experience this, but it was in one word great.
Laughed all day, looked at each other in amazement with a look of HOW is this possible! From an organizational point of view, this day is so very well organized, you really continue to amaze you.
And then the end… .. this is really masterful. I have only seen smiling faces and from the moment it ended we as organizers of this day have received nothing but compliments from colleagues.

If we can and should recommend something, it is absolutely: The Game! Our compliments go out to Neverrest, really brilliant thank you!

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