Smiths Medical | 30 pers | The Game | 8 nov 2013 | Bedrijfsuitje Maastricht

“After a surprising start on the Stationsplein in Maastricht on Friday, November 8, the time had come: The Game had started. The days before we had already been ‘treated’ to unexpected messages, text messages, objects, etc., which meant that some commotion arose about the outing itself.After the start, the groups moved into the city of Maastricht to carry out assignments. Thanks to messages via SMS, strange encounters, passers-by and the mutual pleasure of the participants, the trip through the city is a fantastic experience. All colleagues were very enthusiastic about this company outing in Maastricht and we would like to thank Neverrest for organizing this event.
Smiths Medical, Nov. 12, 2013

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