IT-Staffing | 21 pers. | The Game | 04 apr 2014 | Bedrijfsuitje te Utrecht

– The Game was great! I found myself a day later still on my guard and looking over my shoulder every now and then to see if we were being followed, hahahaha.
– You will be thrown in the deep end and before you know it you will be in the game with all the (fun) consequences. The Neverrest team has really delivered a perfect performance. A unique outing experience richer and highly recommended for people who like a good challenge and a competition with your colleagues.
– Played The Game for the 2nd time and what a cool company outing it is. Got back into the game like I was playing it for the 1st time. The paranoia present from the 1st 5 minutes. How we laughed at each other, the text messages, the assignments. That our man on the team had been ordered to mole. Complete chaos. Great day, thanks again!
– “I had a very pleasant afternoon where I not only got to know my colleagues better in a special atmosphere, but also got a nice impression of the beautiful city of Utrecht.”
– What a great day I had! Lots of surprising game elements and what a fun setup. I think it is something unique that cannot be compared with all the company outings that I have already experienced. Of course, seeing yourself on video afterwards and being followed makes it exciting and gives a lot of good humor!
– Had a nice afternoon, unique experience, perfect organization, in one word super!
– Complete paranoia running through Utrecht for a day to crack codes … that can’t help but be fun 

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