UNET | SOCIAL CHAOS | 25 personen | 26 oktober 2016 | Teambuilding Almere

After a long quest to organize a fun and original team outing for about 25 people, we have chosen the game Social Chaos from Neverrest. Because finally something different than go-karting, bowling or eating out.
The organizers were also not completely clear what the game entailed and what they could expect, which made it even more fun. We have chosen the Almere center location. This was no problem for the organizers, even if it was unknown territory for them.
We will not reveal anything substantively, however it was an unforgettable afternoon for our entire team. All credit to Neverrest for making, directing and performing this game. Finally, the summary in which we were taken along and who said and did what. Hilarious!!!
This team outing Almere is one of the “book” and will remain with us for a long time.

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