Vrijgezellendag | 13 pers. | The Game te Rotterdam |10 mei 2014

My first experience with Neverrest was through my employer ABN AMRO with which we played Social Chaos as a company outing. This was talked about for so long in the office that I immediately thought of Neverrest when organizing a bachelorette afternoon. The ladies and gentlemen from the dynamic Zoetermeer were immediately prepared to think along with this relatively small group of ladies to create a tailor-made program. It became The Game! Special attention has also been paid to the bride-to-be by improvising extra quiz questions in the game about the bridal couple. Despite the bad weather, none of us had any problems. Everyone was competitive until the last moment and amazed at the creepiness of the organization (which continuously kept an eye on us with secret film recordings, text messages and phone calls.) In short, a must for any group of friends / colleagues who are looking for an excellent afternoon that is never boring.

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