Wilmar Europe | 80 pers | Social Chaos | 21 jun 2013 | Teamuitje te Rotterdam

On June 21, we played Social Chaos in the Bilderberg Parkhotel in Rotterdam. And it was a success !! Compliments to the employees of Neverrest who dived into our organization and had turned up video material and twitter accounts that we didn’t even know existed anymore. This material, together with the videos made by various colleagues, they have incorporated in an incredibly fun way in the company outing Social Chaos. Social Chaos custom made! The fun at the office started a few days before the event due to the funny emails, Facebook requests and text messages. Once the game got underway, everyone got to work enthusiastically. The outdoor assignments were the most hilarious. We have harassed and even chased complete strangers. Total chaos! Afterwards I received a lot of compliments and I quote: “this was the best team outing ever”! We would like to thank Neverrest for their professionalism and creativity. We have achieved our objective and had a very nice and original afternoon. No idea how we will surpass this next year. Team outing Rotterdam.

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