Can anyone join in?

Everyone can participate , from young to old, very fit to not fit , able-bodied or disabled . In The Game , people can take a break in between ( as a group , where they can make bonus missions ) . So can anyone come earlier to the final location . In Social Chaos is very simple. Someone can simply act as a department or you can go a few times along to butene .

How far is the walk?

In The Game about 2 to 3 kilometers. In Social Chaos are excursions from 0 to 1 kilometer .

Depends on season ?

Both concepts are played throughout the year . Social Chaos has the advantage that the teams start inside, while some team members make small trips outside for brief encounters . These team members keep coming back inside . These distances are shortened by bad weather . In The Game , the teams run a route through the city , with some commands are covered. The teams can always take refuge in between (coffee ) and make bonus commissions . Our experience is that it never rains all day . In addition, it runs under an umbrella quite fine .

Group size insecure?

The final group is difficult to determine . Our agreements , we also rely on a minimum number of participants , so underestimated you there always remains above . One week before the final number should be given.

Even for very small groups appropriate?

Our prices start at groups up to 20 people , but our concepts are also suitable for groups of 5 people . The number of participants is very small then we will try to send you , depending on performance date and location an appropriate offer.

Where can be played ?

The Game in medium to large cities ( Delft to Maastricht , from Gent to Groningen ) . Social Chaos anywhere with any crowds ( Denekamp to Wijk aan Zee , from Amsterdam to Rotterdam Zoo ) .

English ?

Both concepts can be played in the English language and in the Dutch language. Including the awards / anecdotes .

Will you arrange everything : location, restaurant , hotel , transportation ?

We focus on what we do best : our team builders ! For things like venues, restaurants and hotels , we give you suggestions . We have a list that we already enclose a quotation standard . If required we make the 1st contact and place an option (s ) , so timing and design space has already been discussed . We ask then the final arrangements ( type of drinks , snacks , diets etc. ) and the financial settlement to settle themselves. For transportation , please refer to transport that can be found on the internet .

Abroad ?

Certainly. The game we play regularly in Brussels , Antwerp , Ghent and Bruges . Paris and Cologne have also been cited decor . Other cities abroad on request . Social Chaos is playing . In more places We will send you a custom quote for overseas events.

Can I join myself as an organizer ?

Definitely do . Choose to ensure that the group present at the starting location is timely . After the start of the activity, we take the entire guidance of hands and give it back again until after the ceremony . You will also be given much less join the event when moving around ” loose” .

How much work is the preparation ?

We need some information from the participants , but this is certainly worth the fun. Your colleagues reveive a very personal approach.

Is a presentation / appointment necessary?

We can come along with you for a free presentation . In one hour we again give a clear picture of our concepts supports photo and film material. It is not necessary . In approximately 40 % of our bookings , the mere contact by phone or email .

How far in advance to book?

We can already within a few days to organize an event for you . This only depends on our availability at the desired date . The time between bookings and events vary from 1 week to 1.5 years .

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  1. Hello,

    I am planning an event for 13 persons on Jan, 17th. Location is being defined, but probably it will be in Hoofddorp or Leiden. Is it possible to have the games in those locations? Which one do you suggest? And what is the investment?


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