Ultimate Collaboration?

Competition Challenge Fun and structured Chaos

And I tried to remember what we saw with Alex, he wasn’t on my team at all

After being introduced to The Game 4 years ago, it now became Social Chaos. And Chaos it was!! Something completely different and unique”

As young teenagers, we shouted them to the dot on our screen #gpstracking”

“I didn’t know anything about Social Media and don’t do anything with it, but by reading it carefully and (very occasionally( by Neverrest’s assistance it went great!

What makes SOCIAL CHAOS so much fun?


4 actors you should visit in the area. Not a character, but visit or suddenly walk into your room!


The teams reconstruct the story. A story that slowly comes to life through video images and encounters with actors.


Dhe group is divided into small teams, so that everyone in the team is and remains involved! The assignments are tough, but doable in a team.


Who’s who in the story? Can I trust him, is he telling the truth? What do I do with your fingerprint?


Online Social Chaos is led by an experienced event manager and a number of actors who cannot be removed from their roles.


What do others say about us? #reviews:

ANWB | Social CHaos The Haque | 10 oktober 2019 | 19 persons
After a great staff outing last year, the bar was even higher this year to come up with something more fun. We ended up at Social Choas. And that was a good choice. We had a very cool day where all colleagues were enthusiastic and eager to win. The game has everything to succeed: team building / cooperation, challenge, fanaticism, tension and sensation, fun and funny / surprising elements. In addition, we found the quotes and video images at the award ceremony to be of enormous added value. Thanks to the Game master Dick, the actors and thanks to the organization Neverrest for organizing this great outing.
OTC Organics B.V. | Social Chaos Arnhem | 5 oktober 2019 | 24 persons
One of the highlights of our company is the staff weekend, which focuses on a collaborative activity in a different city every year. After all these years we have already done a lot of activities, but this is not comparable to the game Social Chaos that we played in Arnhem. In different teams you have to solve all kinds of puzzles and carry out assignments, inside and outside. Only by working together will this work, because everyone has a different task. There are various elements in the game: cooperation, excitement and sensation, brain teasers, quests for different characters who walk around (fantastic actors, by the way!) And above all a lot of fun. You also get to know the city where you play the game (in our case Arnhem). In short, it was one big playground for adults!
corporate business outing event arnhem otc organics neverrest teambuilding experience 68 68 - kopie
SKIM | SOCIAL CHAOS online in New York vanuit Zoetermeer | 30 personen | 9 juli 2015
Neverrest came up with a challenging and fun digital game, and also completely online and remotely. With teams of 5 people, and by means of Ipads and Google Hangouts, they managed to get a group of 35 people in New York very enthusiastic for 2 hours from the Netherlands. It was a challenging, interactive digital virtual online treasure hunt and company outing.
online coronaproof corporate business event outing virtual digital NEVERREST Social Chaos OSC 68 68 SKIM - kopie
RTVNoord | 50 personen | Social Chaos | 6 september 2014 | Bedrijfsuitje te Groningen
The location is related to a GPS game that we want to organize. That should actually be in the city center. My surprise increased. The traditional staff outing idea of ​​space, sun, freedom, water, beach, forest and swaying reed got a dent. It will be a lot of fun, I was assured. Well, if you want to work on the basis of trust and independence, then you have to. And oh yes, we will play a game against each other in groups. A kind of treasure hunt. The game promotes group feeling and thinking. Using all conceivable forms of social media. You learn to use this in a playful manner. Indispensable for the future for our company. A deep sigh. Away terraces, coffee with apple pie, cold beer and the necessary bitterballen. So we just have to get started! I couldn't go back. The day itself: the weather was beautiful in September. The terraces were packed. Some of us were inside all afternoon. Concentrated. The will to win. Enthusiastic by a great group of people from Neverrest, who guided us (strict but fair) all afternoon. It was beautiful! Very nice. The most memorable outing "ever". And now hope that those social media will pay off ...
corporate company business outing rtv noord neverrest teambuilding experience 68





Totally different





Or rather one of our other concepts?

company business outing exciting unique original special social osc online social chaos Neverrest Teambuilding Experience 300 300


SOCIAL CHAOS but then completely ONLINE!

Play with your company / organization, together and everywhere. Behind your laptop at home, from your armchair or behind your desk in the office. Not just together as a team! Challenging, fun, exciting & connecting!

company business outing exciting unique original special social the game Neverrest Teambuilding Experience 300 300


An impressive, fantastic and extensive “scavenger hunt” through a city center. Adventure with guaranteed “Solid Paranoia” that happens to you … Company outing The Game is the Mother of all city games!

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