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The Mother of all City games

What is THE GAME?

The Game is the Mother of all city games! Since 2000, this original team building concept has provided the right mix of ambitious challenge, surprise and (healthy) paranoia.

Adventure with guaranteed “Solid Paranoia” that happens to you… #casualatmosphere #social #butnoteasy! #adventure

Hey, this text says exactly what I just said to you! They must have walked right next to us… “

I’ve seen that guy in black before. Would it still be part of it?”​

But how did they film us? Who filmed?

At one point I really thought that everyone belonged!”



Unforgettable Incomparable


Totally different




To connect

What makes THE GAME so much fun?


An adventure that begins when the group arrives in the city. Nobody knows what will happen. Neverrest is not here yet …


We stand for a very stimulating event that really does something to people. It is not without reason that 70% of our bookings are the result of word of mouth.


In the chaotic city, the professional Neverrest team is watching your people. A number of interactive acts reinforce the “uncanny” feeling that the participants will certainly make their own.


The group is divided into small teams, so that everyone in the team is and remains involved! The assignments are tough, but doable in a team.


Ever received a text message containing the phrase you just said? Have you ever experienced the tension because you know that you are being watched but not by whom?


The Game is led by an experienced event manager and his team. With a group of 40 people, we are quickly present with 8 members of staff!


What others say about us? #reviews:

Roche | The Game Amersfoort | 12 november 2019 | 32 persons
On November 12 with 30 colleagues played 'The Game'. In the run-up to this day, I had regular, very pleasant contact with Neverrest and sent the necessary documents, this was all very easy! Collected at the agreed place at 13:30: no one from the organization to be seen ... Are we in the right place? Yes. Are we not too early? No. And then suddenly the game starts. Had a super afternoon with the team; a mix of challenging games, a bit of sightseeing in the city of your choice, an insane 'Big Brother is watching you' feeling ('does that man in that bright tracksuit belong to the organization? Or that woman with that phone? Or that one man in the black car? ') and occasionally the necessary hilarity. An absolute must to play and a very pleasant organization to work with!
teambuilding company outing event the game roche neverrest teambuilding experience 68 68 - kopie
Brink Management / Advies | The Game Maastricht | 22 juni 2019 | 124 personen
RIVM | Bedrijfsuitje The Game Amersfoort met 31 personen | 18 oktober 2018
Combination of Sherlock Holmes, Wie is de Mol and candid camera .. An afternoon full of fun challenges in the city center of Amersfoort with a nice summary by the game management! Highly recommended for a company outing  
ministerie online coronaproof event outing companyt NEVERREST teambuilding experience osc social chaos 68 68
Gemeente Zoetermeer | 393 pers | The Game | 29 mrt 2012| Bedrijfsuitje Grote groepen
The company outing is extensive, surprising, mysterious and everything is prepared with the utmost care. The possibilities for customization are great. Neverrest thinks along creatively to tailor the content of the program to the wishes and requirements of the client. And when the time comes: everyone participates, is very fanatic and there is a lot of fun! There has also been a long discussion about this special company outing, also for large groups.
gemeente zoetermeer team builder event outing the game neverrest teambuilding experience 68

Suspense & Safety

Exciting and original company outing

We stand for a very stimulating event that really does something to people. It is not without reason that 70% of our bookings are the result of word of mouth. Have you ever played a game in town? The Game cannot be compared with other city games. The GAME is unique.

Safety during The Game

No risky or physically demanding assignments. Your people move on foot. The excitement and tension takes place in the minds of your people. Of course you will enjoy the carefully selected route along the most beautiful places in the city. We also draw the participants’ attention to the fact that alcohol may only be consumed from the joint drink after the activity. The main reason is of course safety, people walk on the public road. In addition, The Game deserves the full awareness of the participants!

Or rather one of our other concepts?

company business outing exciting unique original special social osc online social chaos Neverrest Teambuilding Experience 300 300


SOCIAL CHAOS but then completely ONLINE!

Play with your company / organization, together and everywhere. Behind your laptop at home, from your armchair or behind your desk in the office. Not just together as a team! Challenging, fun, exciting & connecting!

company business outing exciting unique original special social Social Chaos Neverrest Teambuilding Experience 300 300

Social Chaos

Zenuwslopend eigentijds meeslepend onderzoeksavontuur om de H@CK te voorkomen vanuit een basis “crisis” centrum.
Pittige ludieke uitdaging met focus op samenwerken en leermomenten! Hoogwaardig event met de nodige verbazing en een snufje paranoia.

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