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Roche | The Game Amersfoort | 12 november 2019 | 32 persons
On November 12 with 30 colleagues played 'The Game'. In the run-up to this day, I had regular, very pleasant contact with Neverrest and sent the necessary documents, this was all very easy! Collected at the agreed place at 13:30: no one from the organization to be seen ... Are we in the right place? Yes. Are we not too early? No. And then suddenly the game starts. Had a super afternoon with the team; a mix of challenging games, a bit of sightseeing in the city of your choice, an insane 'Big Brother is watching you' feeling ('does that man in that bright tracksuit belong to the organization? Or that woman with that phone? Or that one man in the black car? ') and occasionally the necessary hilarity. An absolute must to play and a very pleasant organization to work with!
teambuilding company outing event the game roche neverrest teambuilding experience 68 68 - kopie
Arteria Consulting | Social Chaos te Amersfoort | 1 november 2019 | 47 persons
Getting to know each other is always extremely important and exciting in an acquisition or merger process. What are your new colleagues for types, what are the interfaces between the two merging groups, how is the other baked and what happens if you suddenly have to be forced to work together. To get answers to these questions in no time, we recommend everyone: play Social Chaos! The game has all the ingredients for a fun, exciting and very entertaining afternoon. Colleagues you think you know well start to distrust, new colleagues you don't know suddenly become your partner and confidant and your social and puzzle skills are put to the test (but if you read quietly, everyone can do this!). Sometimes you have to cross mental hurdles to solve the puzzle, but the pressure to succeed (and preferably also to win) with your team pushes unexpected boundaries. In short, a really great game!
arteria consulting business company event coronaproof neverrest teambuilding experience 55
ANWB | Social CHaos The Haque | 10 oktober 2019 | 19 persons
After a great staff outing last year, the bar was even higher this year to come up with something more fun. We ended up at Social Choas. And that was a good choice. We had a very cool day where all colleagues were enthusiastic and eager to win. The game has everything to succeed: team building / cooperation, challenge, fanaticism, tension and sensation, fun and funny / surprising elements. In addition, we found the quotes and video images at the award ceremony to be of enormous added value. Thanks to the Game master Dick, the actors and thanks to the organization Neverrest for organizing this great outing.
OTC Organics B.V. | Social Chaos Arnhem | 5 oktober 2019 | 24 persons
One of the highlights of our company is the staff weekend, which focuses on a collaborative activity in a different city every year. After all these years we have already done a lot of activities, but this is not comparable to the game Social Chaos that we played in Arnhem. In different teams you have to solve all kinds of puzzles and carry out assignments, inside and outside. Only by working together will this work, because everyone has a different task. There are various elements in the game: cooperation, excitement and sensation, brain teasers, quests for different characters who walk around (fantastic actors, by the way!) And above all a lot of fun. You also get to know the city where you play the game (in our case Arnhem). In short, it was one big playground for adults!
corporate business outing event arnhem otc organics neverrest teambuilding experience 68 68 - kopie
Brink Management / Advies | The Game Maastricht | 22 juni 2019 | 124 personen
PI Research | The GAME Utrecht | 7 juni 2019 | 30 personen
Jackling | The Game Utrecht | 25 mei 2019 | 15 personen
Have a great day thanks to Neverrest. A team that is well organized, has thought of everything and does everything to give you a nice day. The communication went very well, they are clear and easily accessible. They are open and think along with you. No question is too much for them. We had a great day, laughed so much and recommend this to everyone. Don't hesitate, do it!
Total E&P Nederland | The Game Den Haag | 23 mei 2019 | 45 personen
"The feedback afterwards is very good, very clever how you take care of it so quickly and professionally" "so there are really no microphones in the phone or the suitcase?" "So you also organized Social Chaos last year? This was so different, but also so much fun!"
RDW APK-Centrum Nederland | Social Chaos Breda | 20 personen | 14 mei 2019
Dear Neverrest, What a very nice day you have given us. A newly formed team that has to work together is always a chore and yet you have managed to take the first steps in a nicely designed game. Nice to see how well this game works and how fanatically everyone participated. Definitely worth it for groups who want to get to work fanatically in a relaxed way. Compliments and thanks for this nice day!    
PARIDAANS & LIEBREGTS B.V. | The Game Den Bosch | 70 deelnemers | 11 mei 2019
That colleagues today talk about last Saturday says enough! We are still impressed! A successful day! The weather was good, which was very nice, and for the rest you certainly surprised us. As The Game went on, we became more and more paranoia and the whole town was suspicious… lots of laughs and I think I can only conclude that our mission - thanks to you - has been successful. We really enjoyed it! Super well organized !!
Proven Partners | Social Chaos Den Bosch | 10 personen | 19 april 2019
Our expectations were high, after all we had heard from others that 'Social Chaos' was highly recommended. Years ago we already played 'the Game'; we couldn't imagine that this game would be even more fun (or even fun). We played Social Chaos on a sun-drenched day in Den Bosch. From the first moment we were in the middle of it. The participants competed for who was allowed to go outside (because yes, the sun ...), but everyone also forgot the time inside. One a blood fanatic, the other observing, a third who really focuses on the team feeling. Nice to see how all characters come up through an enlarged game. We look back on a fantastic team day full of dynamism, excitement and fun. What a top organization with top actors .. And those high expectations? They have been more than surpassed!
Secfi Technologies | The Game | Amsterdam | 3 april 2019 | 13 personen
I thought it was a fantastic day and everyone enjoyed it, super fun to work with you again. This was fun for the Dutch to get to know Amsterdam even more, but especially fun for our foreign colleagues.
RIVM | Bedrijfsuitje The Game Amersfoort met 31 personen | 18 oktober 2018
Combination of Sherlock Holmes, Wie is de Mol and candid camera .. An afternoon full of fun challenges in the city center of Amersfoort with a nice summary by the game management! Highly recommended for a company outing  
ministerie online coronaproof event outing companyt NEVERREST teambuilding experience osc social chaos 68 68
Ncontrol | Teamuitje Social Chaos Amersfoort | 22 personen | 22 september 2018
Had a fantastic afternoon playing Social Media! Well-filled program with unexpected twist, nice brain teasers and of course not to forget the characters who are excellent in their role and who knew everyone by name which caused some confusion !! Very successful. Our employees talk about this for a long time.
SOLV Advocaten | Groepsactiviteit Social Chaos met 19 personen in Hengelo | 15 september 2018
Social chaos is in one word: great! An absolute must for a group activity. It was exciting, funny and challenging, and required good cooperation and clear communication. Compliments also to the organization. The game was fantastic and the actors were convincing. The video that you can make is also very nice and still provides fun. We would definitely play a game of Neverrest again.
Rijkswaterstaat | 3* Social Chaos | Eindhoven | 13 + 20 + 27 september 2018 | 20 personen
Very good team builder. Played with 3 separate groups on 3 different dates. The same quality every time and always a success! Very good choice to use NEVERREST with Social Chaos.
Kantooruitje Köster Advocaten | The Game Haarlem | 39 personen | 7 september 2018
In search of an activity to do during our office outing, we came across THE GAME by Neverrest. Judging by the reviews on the website, this should be a game that appeals to a wide audience. After having played the game, we can fully agree! The organization in the hands of the Neverrest team has been very tight, both the preparation with very clear instructions how they are to have supplied information, until the execution of the day that was arranged down to the last detail. The flexibility of the team to respond to situations that occur during the day is also very pleasant. Bizarre how you are followed all day, but you don't know by whom. Even people who turned out not to belong to the game at all were approached by us because we were convinced that they had a role. That gives nice conversations and hilarious situations on the street. The closing that was presented with a lot of humor also caused the necessary bursts of laughter. As an organizing committee, we have kept the program completely secret in advance, which is advisable because the surprise effect is greatest in this way. We really had a great afternoon and everyone from young to old and from secretary to lawyer was very enthusiastic. Thanks!! Thank you again and we will provide good word of mouth!
RTVNoord | 50 personen | Social Chaos | 6 september 2014 | Bedrijfsuitje te Groningen
The location is related to a GPS game that we want to organize. That should actually be in the city center. My surprise increased. The traditional staff outing idea of ​​space, sun, freedom, water, beach, forest and swaying reed got a dent. It will be a lot of fun, I was assured. Well, if you want to work on the basis of trust and independence, then you have to. And oh yes, we will play a game against each other in groups. A kind of treasure hunt. The game promotes group feeling and thinking. Using all conceivable forms of social media. You learn to use this in a playful manner. Indispensable for the future for our company. A deep sigh. Away terraces, coffee with apple pie, cold beer and the necessary bitterballen. So we just have to get started! I couldn't go back. The day itself: the weather was beautiful in September. The terraces were packed. Some of us were inside all afternoon. Concentrated. The will to win. Enthusiastic by a great group of people from Neverrest, who guided us (strict but fair) all afternoon. It was beautiful! Very nice. The most memorable outing "ever". And now hope that those social media will pay off ...
corporate company business outing rtv noord neverrest teambuilding experience 68
Philips | 54 pers. | The Game | 26 maart 2014 | Teamevent Amsterdam
This was the third time I have booked The Game through Neverrest. Even though the concept is no longer ‘new’ to me, it’s still a surprising day! We really enjoyed the tour, the paranoia, the excellent planning and secret filming etc. Will not go into detail too much, for keeping it a surprise for future participants. I can guarantee you though that once you decide to go for this option, you’ll have a day you and your colleagues will not soon forget. Everything is thought of, also details you as organizer of the day do not get round to. Guys, keep up the great work!
Gemeente Zoetermeer | 393 pers | The Game | 29 mrt 2012| Bedrijfsuitje Grote groepen
The company outing is extensive, surprising, mysterious and everything is prepared with the utmost care. The possibilities for customization are great. Neverrest thinks along creatively to tailor the content of the program to the wishes and requirements of the client. And when the time comes: everyone participates, is very fanatic and there is a lot of fun! There has also been a long discussion about this special company outing, also for large groups.
gemeente zoetermeer team builder event outing the game neverrest teambuilding experience 68
60th Birthday | 20 pers | The Game te Haarlem | 3 sept 2011
For my mother-in-law's 60th birthday we could not have had a better day. Everything was incredible - the organisation, the surprises, the humour. It really was an experience and words don't do it justice - I think everyone should try it for themselves! It was actually the second time I had personally experienced an outing with Neverrest and I would pay to do it a third time. All of us can't recommend it enough and thank the team profusely for such a wonderful day.
Adams’ Multilingual Recruitment | 11 pers | The Game teamevent Den Haag | 27 jun 2008
We had a fantastic day. It was well organised,full of suprises that kept us on our toes and made us laugh a lot througout the whole day. A great team building experience. Thanks for a great day out.
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