A Social Adventure together against each other

What is O.S.C.?

Online Social Chaos. A nerve-wracking contemporary compelling research adventure to prevent the H @ CK from an online “crisis” center with the necessary amazement, controlled chaos and a pinch of paranoia!

Everyone first meets each other as a group and then roams the internet as a team where they also meet other teams…. and our actors! Spicy fun challenge with a focus on collaboration and learning moments! #challenging #cooperation #pleasant #fanatic

Suitable for Twitterer or letter writer, young dog or quiet senior, puzzler or talker, digital or tech-savvy …

O.S.C. in brief


For groups of 6 to 150 people, maximum 25 teams
Team size maximum 6 people
4 actors on a maximum of 9 teams, so large groups 12 actors!
Duration maximum 3 hours (normal schedule), can be shortened to 2 hours
Morning afternoon evening, very flexible
1 to 3 Gamemasters per event, available online and by phone

What do participants need?

00d13bWebbrowser Chrome or Edge
Solid Internet
We work with Microsoft Teams. No installation required (via browser), but using webapp or desktop installation is also perfect

You’ve got a really cool thing to do in this day and age where companies fear their staff will lose connection with the company through all the work from home. “

Super funny, all my colleagues online and busy! As if we were all really together”​

And I just shout in a digital room: Hello, is someone there? #scare #exciting! #what? ”And back in our own room, someone suddenly starts talking out of nowhere….

You are becoming more and more fanatic. A kind of CSI-Detective-Sherlock-NFI story, really think and work together ”. The time flew…”

What makes O.S.C. so nice?


4 real-life actors you have to visit online or who suddenly walk into your room!!


The teams reconstruct the story. A story that slowly comes to life through video images and online encounters with real people.


The group is divided into small teams that continue to work together from an online meeting room. They keep running into the other teams!


Who’s who in the story? Can I trust him, is he telling the truth? What do I do with your fingerprint? Are we being bugged all the time?


Online Social Chaos is led by an experienced event manager and a number of actors who cannot be removed from their roles.


What do others say about us? #reviews:

ABN AMRO | OSC | 9 october 2020 | 32 persons
Full in action in a relaxed way. Enough time to socialize at the coffee machine within your small team afterwards, before the final presentation starts. Very natural moment. The final presentation is a smooth hilarious feedback with anecdotes, what happened during the acts, but also within the teams. A beautiful memorable afternoon!
abn amro online teambuilding business outing team business event 68 68 Neverrest teambuilding experience osc
Home Care | OSC | 14 oktober 2020 | 14 persons
I wasn't sure what to expect, I know enough real-life games experiences or whatever you want to call it. but very impressed! A colleague, on the other hand, actually knew nothing about Social Media and video calling almost never, but thanks to a good reading and assistance from Neverrest & of course her team members online, it also went great for her! ”
home care online event team outing organisation 68 68 Neverrest teambuilding experience osc
Government | OSC | 15 october 2020 | 41 persons
You really have something really nice in this time when organizations are afraid that their staff will lose their connection with the organization (or company) due to all the work from home. Really a topper! We had been looking for an “online” event for some time. but didn't want a quiz or anything. Intensive interaction, roll up your sleeves & laugh. And that was it.
ministerie online coronaproof event outing companyt NEVERREST teambuilding experience osc social chaos 68 68
SKIM | SOCIAL CHAOS online in New York vanuit Zoetermeer | 30 personen | 9 juli 2015
Neverrest came up with a challenging and fun digital game, and also completely online and remotely. With teams of 5 people, and by means of Ipads and Google Hangouts, they managed to get a group of 35 people in New York very enthusiastic for 2 hours from the Netherlands. It was a challenging, interactive digital virtual online treasure hunt and company outing.
online coronaproof corporate business event outing virtual digital NEVERREST Social Chaos OSC 68 68 SKIM - kopie

Or rather one of our other concepts?

company business outing exciting unique original special social the game Neverrest Teambuilding Experience 300 300


An impressive, fantastic and extensive “scavenger hunt” through a city center. Adventure with guaranteed “Solid Paranoia” that happens to you … Company outing The Game is the Mother of all city games!

company business outing exciting unique original special social Social Chaos Neverrest Teambuilding Experience 300 300

Social Chaos

Nervous contemporary compelling research adventure to prevent the H @ CK from a basic “crisis” center.
Spicy fun challenge with a focus on collaboration and learning moments! High-quality event with the necessary surprise and a pinch of paranoia.

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