Emergo | The GAME | 35 personen | 10 december 2016 | Bedrijfsuitje Dordrecht

Saturday December 10, 2016 we played The Game in Dordrecht. What an unforgettable afternoon we had. There was much talk and laughter about everything that happened that afternoon. The assignments we received were spot on. Not too difficult, but certainly not too easy. Everyone had to do their best and every team became more and more fanatic, partly due to the text messages and phone calls we received from Neverrest during the afternoon. It’s exciting, mysterious and hilarious. We have been followed, filmed, photographed without even one of the 35 participants noticing.

Played The Game with Neverrest for the second time and we can and will recommend Neverrest to everyone. Don’t hesitate, do it! You certainly won’t regret it.

Team Neverrest: Thank you again for an unforgettable day. Your commitment is great.

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