huisartsenpraktijk Bosboomstra |13 pers | The Game teamuitje Den Bosch | 11 nov 2006

Dear Neverrest, it was really an unforgettable day and great to have this group work together like this. It has caused a lot of controversy and everyone has been put on edge again. After all the competitive emotions, everyone agreed that this is a great outing to do with such a group. We found a downside that the results of some questions were not correct (the assignment with lines between prime numbers was not correct according to us) And one of the GPS’s did not work. I recommend it to many, greetings, Pauline de Graaf
Neverrest response: Dear Pauline, thank you for the nice words. The prime numbers are often discussed 🙂 Unfortunately the GPS was broken, but this issue has been left out of the score. We hope you are still happy with the 2nd place;)

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