Kantooruitje Köster Advocaten | The Game Haarlem | 39 personen | 7 september 2018

In search of an activity to do during our office outing, we came across THE GAME by Neverrest. Judging by the reviews on the website, this should be a game that appeals to a wide audience. After having played the game, we can fully agree! The organization in the hands of the Neverrest team has been very tight, both the preparation with very clear instructions how they are
to have supplied information, until the execution of the day that was arranged down to the last detail. The flexibility of the team to respond to situations that occur during the day is also very pleasant. Bizarre how you are followed all day, but you don’t know by whom. Even people who turned out not to belong to the game at all were approached by us because we were convinced that they had a role. That gives nice conversations and hilarious situations on the street. The closing that was presented with a lot of humor also caused the necessary bursts of laughter. As an organizing committee, we have kept the program completely secret in advance, which is advisable because the surprise effect is greatest in this way. We really had a great afternoon and everyone from young to old and from secretary to lawyer was very enthusiastic. Thanks!!

Thank you again and we will provide good word of mouth!

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