Ministerie van BZK | SOCIAL CHAOS | 50 personen | 11 oktober 2016 | Teambuilding sGravenhage

We played the short version (1/2 day) of the game with about 50 colleagues. At the start, it turned out that a number of things were not properly arranged due to the location, to which Stefan van Neverrest acted flexibly, responded very pleasantly, thought along in problem solving. We have received many positive responses. It is a fun game where you get sucked into, and where the team of Neverrest knows how to bring the necessary humor. You have to like a game element. A game element does not appeal to everyone, but that also seems impossible with such a large group.

The aim of the day was to emphasize collaboration and improve where necessary. We did miss the expected constructive feedback, or time for (guided) reflection. The teasing only started the night before the game was played, due to force majeure, but it was a shame. The game was well put together, the actors did well. We had a great day and look back with pleasure to an original game.

Response: The feedback and reflection are included with the FOCUS option. In doing so, we free up 1 person to calmly look at / observe the aspects of cooperation and communication. At the start, during a time out and afterwards it will be discussed.

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