Ministerie van EZ/EVD | 9 pers | The Game teambuilding Den Haag | 21 okt 2008

We were sent on foot on a puzzle tour through The Hague for about 3 to 4 hours. Not just any puzzle tour, but one with a high suspence content. Equipped with the most modern communication equipment, we made our way through the old center of The Hague, constantly being made clear that we were being followed and overheard. The sudden appearance and disappearance of intimidating figures and passers-by who later turned out to be part of the organization, made it an exciting activity with a fun competition element and surprising twists. highly recommended, if only because you will receive photo and video material of your own operations afterwards. Team building while enjoying the Binnenhof, Lange Voorhout, Noordeinde, Spui and t Plein.

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