RDW / Conclusion Learning Centers | SOCIAL CHAOS | 13 personen | dinsdag 13 juni 2017 | Teambuilding Dordrecht

On June 13, we spent a day in Dordrecht with a team of Random Inspectors from the RDW to play SOCIAL CHAOS as part of team building.
The team members were not sure what to expect and speculated quietly. The SMS and email from the days before had already caused some confusion. A number of them had already done research and therefore knew what was about to happen.
After the game explanation we started. Some fanatically, some holding back. Slowly, assignments were unraveled and the quest started. The combination of puzzling and outdoor assignments was great. The actors were good in their roles and sometimes led to hilarious situations.
We had chosen to have the day filmed that nobody knew about. Afterwards the film was shot which was hilarious. The anecdotes that came along at the award ceremony were also great.
In short, the game is super put together and cooperation is essential. Partly due to the good actors and the film, we had a great day and the team came closer together. Highly recommended. Teambuilding Dordrecht

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