Red Bullet Productions | 23 pers | The Game | 14 okt 2004 | Teamdag Brugge

You are going to do a scavenger hunt, the GameMaster said. The disappointment was noticeable at our club. Until they were split into 5 teams and sent into town. The assignments were tough. And what was that man in the black suit always doing around? And were we bugged? Followed? Why does “someone” know so much about us. Confusion, paranoia. And at the end … well …. find out for yourself. All employees were unanimous in the opinion that it had been a very successful team day in Bruges. Everyone had had the greatest fun with this outing. Both individually and in and with the group. We left Hilversum at 9.15 am and were back at 11.30 pm. Indeed: tired but satisfied. highly recommended.

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