Regiopolitie Amsterdam-Amstelland bedrijfsuitje | 70 pers | The Game bedrijfsuitje Amsterdam | 27 mei 2008

Although understandable, it is actually a shame that you cannot tell extensively about your experiences with the company outing The Game! Not only the day itself, but also the preliminary phase creates a lot of commotion and fun for the participants. If you can cultivate paranoia even among the organizers, then you are on the right track! It has been buzzing in our hallways for a long time … Almost everyone had a nice day, judging by the enthusiastic reactions and the many thanks. The program is actually suitable for everyone and in that sense also very accessible. Everyone can participate, young or old, sporty or not. Don’t let the slightly higher costs deter you from a unique experience! The collaboration with Neverrest went well, from start to finish.

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