RWS CIV | The GAME | 40 personen | 6 oktober 2015 | Personeelsuitje Apeldoorn

On October 6, 2015 it was time to travel from Lelystad, South Limburg, the high North and from the east of the country to the beautiful city of Apeldoorn to start our staff outing there. What are we going to do there was the question of many colleagues (confidentiality from our side). You can see that and everyone followed us to where The Game starts. From the starting point, the groups went in all directions with the secret suitcase. In the lunch break at restaurant Jules Verne we are spoiled by a tasty lunch. After lunch we started the second part of The Game. Ending at restaurant Jules Verne for a snack and a drink and of course the results of the very successful day organized by the NEVERREST Experience TOP Team. It was the best outing for everyone so far, thanks to the Top Team of NEVERREST.

Thanks again, On behalf of the organizers of the staff outing Apeldoorn of RWS-CIV

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