SWOV | The GAME | 40 personen | donderdag 9 november | bedrijfsuitje Den Haag

From the very first minute of the company outing The Game, there was confusion and curiosity among my colleagues… what is going to happen, why are we here, where are they, and who are they…? “You must be in the plot too, because you organized it?”. But I knew as little as the rest. What followed was a beautiful game with tricky fun assignments, an alertness to clues, being on the lookout for mysterious people, a surprise to surprise…. It was enjoyed from the first to the last minute. To conclude, the film and the unveiling of all kinds of incidents during The Game, was the icing on the cake: surprise, bewilderment, lots of laughter…. I’m not going to reveal too much about that either, because it has to remain mysterious, mysterious and surprising. If NEVERREST affected the weather because you don’t know that either, they would get 4 *. After all, it was rainy and cold from the middle of the game. Despite that, everyone continued to play the game fanatically and enthusiastically, so that’s why 5 *. Do you want to experience a really surprisingly cool and challenging experience…. PLAY THE GAME !!!

Company outing The Hague

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