UMC Utrecht | 75 pers. | Social Chaos te Dierenpark Amersfoort | 22 mei 2014 | Teambuilding Amersfoort

Everyone really loved it afterwards. You see 3 phases in the game. The first is that you see everyone looking in despair, like: “what should we do with these assignments? No idea”. But colleagues get to work, some go out to solve them, and then others start too. And then it turns out to be more fun and easier than expected. Colleagues become enthusiastic, like: “We can also win this as a group”. When everyone has the solution at the end of the assignments, you will see a large number of colleagues running through the park like a spear to be the first. Quotes of the day: “I really didn’t know about myself that I could be so passionate about it!” And: “I will call you more often in my daily work, because it is good to work with you!” A really good team builder!

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