Vrijgezellenfeest | The Game in Nijmegen | 12 personen | 11 juli 2015

Played the game in Nijmegen. This in honor of a bachelor party with 12 ladies. We all thought it was a great experience. Some of the statements during the activity were: “I’ve never played such a cool game.” “I’m getting paranoia”. “I got a bizarre text message yesterday (part of the preliminary phase)”. The nice thing is that everyone then picks up on it. “I swear we are being bugged.” Or “say are you their mole or something?” “I’m really going to arrange this for my staff outing!” Enjoyed from the first minute to the end. Afterwards we talked about all the bizarre things we experienced. The service and flexibility of the organization was optimal. The assignments are quite tough. We found this to be a challenge, and if necessary, with the help of the organization, you will always continue if you get stuck. If an assignment is too difficult, you always have other elements in the game that you are working on. Highly recommended with a score of 10!

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